All It Took Was a Pandemic to Get Bierstadt to Package Beer

Slow Pour Pils Can

The owners of Bierstadt Lagerhaus aren’t known for compromising. They make traditional German-style lagers in a traditional way, and they have always taken a hard line against packaging them in cans or bottles. “We believe very strongly in drinking draft beer. It is a better experience than a packaged beer, especially considering the kind of beer we […]

Best Colorado beer: the favorite beers and breweries

10 Best Brewpubs of 2017

A year ago, Bierstadt Lagerhaus finished as a finalist in two different categories, so it’s no surprise to see it rise to the top in 2019. The brewery in Denver’s River North neighborhood makes German lagers in the Reinheitsgebot purity law tradition in an 87-year-old copper brew kettle. And the brewery’s Slow Pour Pils is one of the best […]

Good Beer Hunting: Flat is the New Up

Good Beer Hunting

“Everybody in Denver makes crazy stuff, but at the end of the day, people just want to drink Pale Lager and get drunk with their friends.” Hip factor and patios are two parts of the puzzle when it comes to surviving a quickly maturing market like Denver, but at least one brewery, in particular, has […]

10 Best Brewpubs- Bierstadt Lagerhaus Denver, CO

10 Best Brewpubs of 2017

With new breweries pandering to gimmicks galore — pastry-stouts studded with quirky ingredients like cocoa nibs and donuts, and milkshake IPAs swirled with mango puree and milk sugar — Bierstadt Lagerhaus stands firmly rooted as a reminder of tradition. Using only the four ingredients required by German law — water, malt, hops and yeast — […]

Favorite Breweries: The Ultimate Day in Denver

Ultimate Day In Denver

The RiNo Arts District is the new heart of Denver. With great coffee shops, art galleries, breweries, concert venues, and bars not far from downtown, it’s easy to understand why. So get back on your bike and wander around the area, and be sure to check out our favorite breweries Black Shirt, Bierstadt Lagerhaus, Spangalang, and Ratio. […]

Colorado beer of the year

Best Colorado beer: Bierstadt Lagerhaus Slow Pour Pils

For the second straight year, the crisp, clear, and delicious Slow Pour Pils from Bierstadt Lagerhaus wins Colorado beer of the year. It’s quite a feat for a brewery that opened less than two years ago, but the care and attention — 30 hours to brew this one — that brewmasters Bill Eye and Ashleigh […]

Best in Colorado Draft Beer

Best Pilsner

There are just some beers that year after year defines a style and should be appreciated instead of taken for granted. Maybe one day another beer will come along and take away this honor, but it’s hard to imagine it happening anytime soon. Since its inception, the Slow Pour Pils from Bierstadt Lagerhaus has been the epitome of the […]

Colorado Brewers’ Favorite Breweries

“For a Denverite, it is a blessing and an honor to have access to a brewery that is so respectful to tradition and attentive to detail. The knowledge, skill and the dedication of Bill and Ashleigh to their craft shines through every single one of their perfectly crafted brews. They will experience tremendous growth, if […]

The Lager Only Brewery

Denver Hopper-Bierstadt

Ashleigh and Bill at Bierstadt Lagerhaus hold their principles at the center of their lagers and their brewery. And as a result, Bierstadt is a fine specimen to show you and it’s a thorough lesson on how to do things right. “I order a Slow Pour Pils. After a while, it comes back with foam […]

Interview: Ashleigh Carter, Bierstadt Lagerhaus

Ashleigh Carter is well aware that there’s never been a better time to be a brewer slinging funky sour beers, or hazy IPAs masquerading as tall glasses of tropical juice. But as a brewer herself, she has no desire to jump into the volatile frontiers of the craft brewing marketplace. “I don’t think everything has […]