Lager Talk with Ashleigh Carter

Ashleigh Carter and Bill Eye co-founded Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver in 2016. There, Carter brews the lagers she loves to drink—like Dunkel, Helles, and Pilsner—as closely as possible to the German purity law Reinheitsgebot. Video | Inside Denver’s Lager-Only Craft Brewery Bierstadt Lagerhaus from BeerAdvocate

Drink RiNo: Keeping Booze Business Local

Music festivals aren’t typically known for their beer selections. More often than not, they feel like a best-of-the-worst-type scenario, a lot of overpriced but otherwise underwhelming suds. The new Velorama music festival and Colorado Classic bike race this August will be different. Drink RiNo, a newly formed trade association of 15 independently owned breweries, cideries, wineries and distilleries based in the River North […]

Slow Pour Pils: Best Colorado Beer

Best Colorado beer: Bierstadt Lagerhaus Slow Pour Pils Denver’s Bierstadt Lagerhaus opened a mere four months ago, and its traditional German pilsner made an immediate impression in an arena where bigger and crazier are often considered better. But this is no fizzy yellow beer you can find in 30-packs, either. “Simple, yet authentic and delicious,” said Brian […]