Tap Room

Our Tap Room | Click Here To Book

Lager has long been the social lubricant that binds humanity. Our Tap Room, full of community-style seating, is designed to bring people together. Whether you're alone and meeting new friends or showing up with a group of 50, we got you covered. We encourage parties of up to 20 to walk-in as we rarely have a wait or you can secure reserved space with a deposit.

Tap Room Hours

Daily: 11am - Midnight

Our Beer Hall | Click Here To Book

SHENANIGANS AWAIT: Drink a bier as big as your head. Play giant yard games. #LagerHard.

Our weather-proof indoor bier garden has you covered with endless entertainment including adult-sized yard games, live music on Wednesday and Saturday, Pro Wrestling, and events too cool to describe via written word. We accept large group reservations with a deposit, but games are always first come, first served. The Beer Hall is 21+.

Like all incredibly fun places, the Beer Hall occasionally gets rented for private functions. If you're prone to disappointment, call us at 720.570.7824 for daily information or visit our contact page to book a party.

Beer Hall Hours

Tuesday - Thursday: opens 5pm
Friday: opens 3pm
Saturday & Sunday: opens Noon

Our Bar | Bierstadt Lager & The Rest

Here at Bierstadt, we say drink what you like. It's no surprise that we like to drink classic lagers.  This is why we specialize in lager brewing in our all copper, 1932 German-made brewhaus. If that's all we served, it would be enough. However, we understand that not everyone has reached enlightenment  (maybe even your friends haven't), and therefore we offer a full bar complete with a selection of cider, wine, spirits, and specialty cocktails.

So, next time your friend cries, "It's just bier!" You can reply, "It should be but, they have everything."

Our Kitchen | Click Here For Menu

Hungry? As is known by nearly everyone and barely deserves repeating here, Lager bier is the finest accompaniment to food ever devised by our species. The Bierstadt kitchen provides our Tap Room with the transcendent marriage of schnitzel and Lager as well as a European-style raclette sandwich counter coming soon.

Dine-in or order food to-go.

Kitchen Hours

Monday - Thursday: 11am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am - 11pm



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