Authentic German Style Lagers :: Bierstadt Lagerhaus

No flair, no twist, no added things. Just tradition.

Bierstadt Slow-Pour Pils

Not everything in your life has to be in a damn hurry.

Try our northern German-inspired Pils. It is strikingly pale, crisp and bitter. It is softly malty, aromatic and crushable. Really, this beer is the reason we brew anything. We take 30 hours to make this on the brew day, and then we lager it until anyone with any normal sense of perspective would say "enough already."

If you're at the bar and it takes a little longer than normal, go with it. It's called Slow Pour for a reason. If it gets to you without the head above the rim of the glass, then we will have failed you.

Bierstadt Helles

Quick German lesson: Helles=light, Dunkel=dark.

We get that color is an oversimplified way to describe a beer, and a Helles can often be dismissed as yellow and fizzy. What it should be is the purest expression of malt in any brewer's portfolio.

Our Helles is around 5% abv so it shouldn't leave you unable to defend your views on politics and religion. We often find those things are the only things worth talking about anyway. The people that say "you shouldn't discuss such things because it's rude" aren't drinking enough Helles.

Bierstadt Dunkel

As we already mentioned, Dunkel means dark. Our Dunkel is dark brown with a garnet tint.

Munich earned its reputation as a renowned brewing city making this dark classic "liquid bread." Of course, this was back in the time when drinking the water could kill you. So our ancestors drank Dunkel. They were probably more fun than we are.

Dunkel has flavors of bread crusts, and chocolate. There are more flavors in there but if we risk making this sound like a wine description. Seriously, have you read some of those? Slate? Old leather?

We serve Dunkel in a tall twisted half liter glass, and it is a beauty.

The Tap Room

Lager has long been the social lubricant that binds humanity. Our Tap Room, full of community-style seating, is designed to bring people together. Whether you're alone and meeting new friends or showing up with a group of 50, we got you covered. We encourage parties of up to 20 to walk-in as we rarely have a wait or you can secure reserved space with a deposit.

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The Bierhalle

Our weather-proof indoor bier garden has you covered with endless entertainment including adult-sized yard games, live music on Wednesday and Saturday, Pro Wrestling, and events too cool to describe via written word. We accept large group reservations with a deposit, but games are always first come, first served. The Beer Hall is 21+.

Like all incredibly fun places, the Beer Hall occasionally gets rented for private functions. If you're prone to disappointment, call us at 720.570.7824 for daily information or visit our contact page to book a party.

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Bill Eye and Ashleigh Carter, Bierstadt Lagerhaus

It is a fascinating time to be a beer drinker.

Apparently, it is allowable to add strawberries, gummy worms, pizza, and all matter of other things to a “beer.”

Each to their own. You do you. We aren’t ones to judge.

We are ones for tradition. We have brewed a lot of beer over the years, and it is our belief that traditionally brewed lagers are classics for a reason.

They have stood the test of time.

So when it came time to tell common sense to stick its foot up its ass, mortgage everything and go all in, we resurrected an eighty-seven-year-old brew kettle from Germany and a strict Reinheitsgebot process.

Four ingredients. Water, yeast, malt, and hops.

Add hard work and years of know-how. We weren’t in a hurry.

The results? You tell us.

Zum Wohl,

– Bill Eye and Ashleigh Carter,  Bierstadt Lagerhaus